Olympic Preview Part 2: David Beckham Snubbed By British Coach

David Beckham cut from English Olympic teamIt was widely expected and assumed that David Beckham would be one of the three overage players named to the British Olympic soccer team. Olympic rules state that the 18 players on the squad must be 23 or younger, other than the selected group of three. 

After all, Beckham is the most famous English sporting personality in the world and openly spoke about his desire to play for his country in his hometown of London. 

Stuart Pearce's controversial announcement (that Becks would not be in the final 18) evoked dismay and head-scratching all over the United Kingdom. Beckham, whose club team is the LA Galaxy, was informed of Pearce's decision on a transatlantic phone call.  

What makes this more astonishing is that Beckham has been one of the main faces of London 2012, since its Olympic bid was launched about a decade ago, including serving as an active member of the British delegation, when London upset Paris in 2005. Beckham even flew with the Olympic Flame from Greece to England earlier this year 

It can be argued that no English athlete did more to bring the Olympics to London. 

The 37-year-old Beckham will still play a prominent role at the Games, but only as a spectator.

A poll in the Sun tabloid indicated that 78 percent of the 8,000 respondents wanted Beckham on the team, while a measly 22 percent agreed with Pearce. 

Whatever happened to loyalty?  

Shame on you Stuart Pearce!