“Aus Zealand” Moving Up In The Medal Count?

Aus Zealand and Sydney Daily TelegraphThe Olympic Games have been disappointing for several nations on the medal table, including Brazil, Germany and Cuba, but none more so than Australia. A pre-Olympic top five pick, the Aussies possess only seven gold medals and 31 total medals (as of Friday).  

So, Sydney Daily Telegraph decided to do something about it.

The SDT "borrowed" the medals won by neighboring New Zealand (4 gold, 12 total) and created a new country called "Aus Zealand," which currently stands at number five on the medal table.

In The Sydney Morning Herald, the new team was referred to as "Team Oceania."

With just a few Olympic days remaining, the Sydney newspapers are co-opting the Kiwis winnings to unify the two allies at a time of sporting mediocrity.

Not wanting to be outdone in the medal table hilarity. The New Zealand Herald Sun referred to North Korea and South Korea as "Naughty Korea" and "Nice Korea."