More Women Than Men Representing The USA In London

269 women on Team USA, 261 men on Team USAFor the first time in Olympic history, more women (269) than men (261) are representing the USA in the London Olympic Games. Women athletes are now competing in all 26 sports, as a result of the introduction of three weight classes in women's boxing.  There are still two disciplines which are exclusively for women: rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

Here are some other notes on this summer's Team USA.

California is the state which produced by far the most US Olympians with 128, followed by New York and Pennsylvania with 35 each. 

Texas was fourth with 32, Florida ranks next with 31.   

There are no Olympic athletes who reside in New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina and West Virginia.

The average age of a 2012 US Olympian is 27 and 228 of the 530 competitors have competed in the Olympic Games previously. 

54-year-old Karen O'Connor (equestrian) is the oldest Olympian, while 15-year-old Katie Ledecky (swimming) is the youngest.