Olympic Preview Part 5: English Fans Upset About Price Of Beer At Games

Heineken official beer of 2012 OlympicsFirst, the London Olympic Organizing Committee (LOCOG) snubbed a number of British breweries by selecting Heineken as the official beer sponsor of London 2012. Heineken will thus be the only lager sold in the Olympic Park.

Now, the beverage prices have been released. Hopefully, you won't be too thirsty if you choose to attend the Olympics at the end of July. 

A pint of Heineken will cost you more than $11, or about twice as much as in a typical London pub.

A bottle of Coca Cola---another official sponsor---will cost about $4.

Fans in the British capital are outspoken in their criticism of the "price gouging."   

A tweet complained that the price was a "shocker," while another advised others "to bring your credit card with you."

Still others complained that the Olympic Games, an event featuring extremely healthy and fit athletes, should not be sponsored by beer, soda and fast food companies. It is estimated that 14 million fast food meals will be served at 40 locations around Greater London, during the Games. 

By the way, the price of a beer in most major league parks costs around $6.