Further Breakdown Of Team USA's Medal Domination In London

Team USA 46 gold medals and 104 total medals in LondonAt the 2012 London Olympics, Team USA topped the Olympic medal table with 46 gold and 104 total medals, finishing well ahead of China, Russia and Great Britain.

The US did especially well in the high profile sports, winning 31 medals in swimming and 29 in track and field. That's 60 medals in just those two sports (Great Britain finished fourth on the medal table with a TOTAL of 65 medals). It was the most medals for Team USA, in track and field, since their 30 at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.  

Team USA's domination on the track was particularly impressive. If you score the meet using the NCAA format (8 points for first place, then 7-6-5-4-3-2-1), the American men tallied 162 points, compared to 62 for second place Kenya, while the US women edged Russia 141-136.

In combined team scoring, the USA amassed a whopping 303 points, including nine gold medals, far ahead of runner up Russia with 176.

How good is that?