Italian Swimming Couple To Keep Their Distance During Olympics

Federica Pellegrini Filippo Magnini datingItalian swim star Federica Pellegrini is a huge medal favorite in both the 200 and 400 meter freestyle events in Olympic swimming next month, while also being the world record holder in both events. 

The Venice native stands as the only female Italian champion in Olympic history.    

Pellegrini has been dating Filippo Magnini for the past two years.  Magnini is the current world champion in the 100 meter freestyle and is also a big medal hopeful in London.  

However, Pellegrini will not be having sex during the Olympics, at least not with Magnini. 

Magnini recently revealed the situation in an interview with the Italian national news agency ANSA.

"During the events I try to keep calm. The thrill of winning is at least as good as sex. No one can take that moment away from you. It's yours forever. A real orgasm," said Magnini.

Try explaining that to Federica.