The Long List Of Banned Objects At London Olympic Venues

Long List Of Banned Objects At London Olympic VenuesThe 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were widely criticized for being oppressively draconian when dealing with opposing political discord by the media, prior to their Opening Ceremonies (mostly unfair). Now, Olympic fans are learning that things may not be any better in London, as the local organizer's latest rules about what can and cannot be brought to the various Olympic venues have been publicized.

Naturally, the organizers are getting heat for their long list of banned or restricted objects. Items such as noisemakers (including the droning vuvuzelas of South Africa), balls, bicycles, large flags, drums, picnic baskets and frisbees have been banned. In addition, no clothing bearing "political statements" may be worn. Only very small water bottles and sandwiches are allowed. 

Spectators will enter the Olympic Park through airport-type scanners, amid many security guards. 

Hopefully, an umbrella is OK given the dreary weather in London so far this summer. 

One unhappy tweet suggested that the only things you can bring into the Olympic Park are cash and credit cards.