Olympic Preview Part 1: Official Olympic Song Released & It's Awful

“Survival” official song of 2012 London Olympics“Survival,” the potential chart-topping hit by the British rock trio Muse, has been announced as the official Olympic Games song, meaning that it will be played at all medal ceremonies and when athletes enter arenas before competitions.  

The group was commissioned by the local organizers of the Games to write the song.  

Muse is a well respected band, but frankly, we at iFolloSports.com think the song is just horrendous and certainly not worthy of the Olympic Games. 

Despite our feelings, you will be hearing it often during the next few weeks.  

Muse claims their song “expresses a sense of conviction and determination to win." 

In addition to the use of their song, the band also carried the Olympic flame during the torch relay in their hometown of Teignmouth. 

Hear it below or buy it on iTunes.