Ugandan Sportswriter Makes A Very Bad Olympic Prediction

Stephen Kiprotich wins Olympic marathonMoses Mugalu is a sportswriter for The Observer, a national newspaper in the Ugandan capital city of Kampala. Last Thursday, he wrote a column about the woes of Team Uganda, referring to them as “16 Olympic tourists" in London and that it would take "a miracle" to win an Olympic medal. 

He added, while possible, it probably would not be attainable.

Down to only marathoner Stephen Kiprotich, Mugalu wrote that he would not expect a challenge to the top runners, but was hoping for a respectable finishing position.

Of course, Kiprotich (23-years-old) stunningly won the marathon on Sunday, racing away from two Kenyans in the final three miles.  It was only the seventh medal for Uganda in Olympic history and their first in track and field since 1972.

Kiprotich returned to Uganda on Wednesday, and was greeted by a throng of celebrating fans. Later in the day, he received an $80,000 check from Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and a $60,000 performance bonus from his sponsor, Nike.

In addition, Kiprotich, who is a prison warden, was promoted to assistant superintendent of prisons.

Not bad for a country that has an annual per capita income of $1,317.

Hopefully, Mugalu is preparing his apology.