Olympian Nick Symmonds Chasing Dubious World Record

Nick Symmonds and the beer mileNick Symmonds of Boise, Idaho has won the USA national title, in the 800 meters, for five consecutive years, including twice at the US Olympic Trials. He ran brilliantly in the 800 at the London Olympics, setting a lifetime best time of 1:42.95, in finishing fifth.

The 28-year-old also had a date with Paris Hilton this spring and is sometimes referred to as the "Brad Pitt of track and field."

After his Olympic achievement, Symmonds eschewed a vacation on a tropical island or the talk-show circuit to go after one of track's most dubious records---"the beer mile." The idea is to chug a beer at the start of the race and then at the end of each of the three laps.

Symmonds ran the beer mile Tuesday and finished in 5:19, only 10 seconds off the global standard of 5:09, set by a marathon runner from Canada, Jim Finlayson, a true living legend.  

It was a remarkable run by Symmonds, in his first try at the record, finishing with four Coors inside
of him.

Check out the accomplishment courtesy of the below video from TMZ.