All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Running Of The Bulls

All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Running Of The BullsThe Festival of San Fermin, more commonly known as the Running of the Bulls, takes place in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona July 7-14 annually.  The 400-year-old spectacle was made world-famous in the novel "The Sun Also Rises," written by Ernest Hemingway in 1926. 

The runs take place at 8 AM daily, on a 930-yard course, set in the outskirts of Pamplona. Six fighting bulls chase thrill seekers (dressed in traditional clothing) through the old city's winding cobblestone streets, en route to the bullring.  

The bulls weigh in at about 1,100 pounds and are always in a foul mood during their three-minute gallop to the arena, where they will then face matadors in the afternoon. 

Six runners were injured on opening day, including one (a 73-year-old local resident) who was gored. Three additional runners were gored in their legs on Monday, the third day. 

The runnings are televised live on state television, as is the nocturnal revelry and street parties.

Fifteen runners have died of their injuries since 1924, the year records were first kept.