Chestnut & Thomas Once Again Shine At Nathan's Eating Event

Chestnut & Thomas Once Again Shine At Nathan's Eating EventIn case you missed it during a busy Fourth of July week, Joey Chestnut and Sonya Thomas were the dominant winners at the annual Nathan's hot dog eating contest at New York's Coney Island.  Each took home a check for $10,000, as a result of their digestive efforts.

Chestnut won his sixth consecutive Nathan's title by inhaling 68 dogs and buns in 10 minutes, roughly one every nine seconds. "Jaws" tied his personal best of 68 and finished 16 ahead of "Eater X" Tim Janus, who was second in the artery-clogging spectacle. Chestnut's big rival, Takeru Kobayashi missed the event for the third straight year, due to a contract dispute.   

Check out the crazy video below.

Sonya Thomas, 45, won the women's division for the second consecutive year by gurgitating her best-ever 45 wieners, despite weighing in at a mere 98 pounds. "The Black Widow" won the initial women's competition last year with 40. 

Thomas returned to Virginia with the prestigious Pepto-Bismol pink belt. Away from competitive eating, she manages a Burger King and enjoys eating at buffets. 

Thomas, who grew up poor and hungry in South Korea, also holds the world records in 25 competitions including sausages, baked beans, oysters, chili cheese fries, and fruit-cakes.