Easier Getting Into United Nations Than The Olympic Games

South Sudan FlagSouth Sudan, the world's newest nation, has been recognized by the United Nations (the 193rd member), as well as many western countries including: Russia, England, and the US. 

The former British colony has suffered for the past fifty years from civil war, famine, military coups, terrorism, and a conflict with the Muslim north and the Christian south, which has resulted in nearly two million deaths. The new nation is now one of the poorest and most under-developed countries in the world, but is sitting on huge oil reserves and could expand rapidly. 

However, getting a South Sudan team into next summer's Olympic Games in London may be a significant challenge. The country needs to organize at least four national sports federations and a national Olympic committee before they can be considered for participation. A more likely scenario is for some athletes to compete under the Olympic flag. 

The best known athlete from the new country is Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng, who will be on the Great Britain team at the Games.