Is 1725 Scranton Business Park Part of Chandler Valley Center Studios?

This week, “The Office” will begin its seventh season of ridiculousness on NBC. The gang at Dunder Mifflin Scranton has provided fans with a hilarious vision of the modern-day American workplace. “The Office” has absolutely left an indelible mark on audiences via NBC and through syndication outlets, most notably TBS.  

While 1725 Scranton Business Park is the fictional setting of the program, the real Dunder Mifflin Scranton is actually situated 2,716 miles to the west of Scranton, Pennsylvania, in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.

The Chandler Valley Center Studios, located at 13027 Saticoy Street in Van Nuys, California, has turned its exterior appearance into one of the most recognizable backdrops in all of American television. From the signage, to the parking lot, to the building, the resemblance to the Scranton Business Park is uncanny.

A drive down Van Nuys' very industrial Saticoy Street (pictured below) immediately reminds fans of the scene from “The Duel,” where Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) claimed he ran 31 MPH, while measuring his speed with a mandated police radar machine. 


The entrance to the parking lot and the wide shot of the building are unmistakable to followers of the show.  A closer look at the building's front door displays a small sign reading “Scranton Business Park.” (Both pictured below)



The rooftop (pictured below) was the scene of Michael's fake threat of suicide during the “Safety Training” episode.


The Chandler Valley Center Studios parking lot (pictured below) has also played a significant role in the show.  Notable scenes include the party during “Goodbye, Toby” and the fire evacuation in “The Fire” episode.


For fans of this NBC bellwether, a trip to Van Nuys can provide a good laugh and a bit of entertainment.  Since the show does not use a studio audience, a drive down Saticoy is the closest thing fans are going to get to the real thing.