Pole Dancing An Olympic Sport?

World Pole Sport Championships and Olympics You probably never thought you would be reading about pole dancing here? But, the World Pole Sport Championships were recently held in Budapest, Hungary, with 70 competitors from 24 countries competing in front of a reported crowd of 2,000 and a worldwide audience on Facebook. 

Who knew that pole dancing was a sport?

In addition to women's singles, competitions were held for the first time in synchronized pairs and men's singles, which had seven entries. The women's champion turned out to be Alesia Vazmitsel of Belarus, while home standing Hungary won the synchronized. 

A special shout out to Evgeny Greshilov of Russia for winning the men's title and kudos to Loic Lebret of Hungary for finishing third and also winning the title in "Best Costume." 

No word on whether any athletes from Poland entered. 

Organizers say that they will apply to become an Olympic sport, but don't hold your breath.