US Olympic Hopeful Does A Bad Thing At 35,000 Feet

Sandy Vietze urinating on airplaneSandy Vietze, 18, was an elite member of the US Ski Team developmental squad, in preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He had been training at Mount Hood (Oregon).

Now, he is a former member of the team.

Last week, while lounging at the Portland International Airport, Vietze, by his own admission, drank eight alcoholic beverages. This all took place prior to boarding an overnight fight to New York.

During the eastbound JetBlue red eye, Vietze staggered toward the restroom, but stopped and treated an 11-year-old girl as his personal urinal. 

Vietze had an interesting explanation for the police after the flight. 

"I was drunk and I did not realize that I was pissing on her leg," explained the skier.  

Vietze, who refused to apologize and expressed no remorse for his actions, returned to his family's palatial Vermont estate. He was charged in a federal summons for indecent exposure, but the charges have since been dropped because the victim's family did not let her talk to authorities.

At least the US Ski Team took action against Vietze.