Bankrupt Greek Soccer Team Saved By Brothel Sponsorships

Bankrupt Greek Soccer Team Saved By Brothel SponsorshipsVoukefalas, a Greek amateur soccer club, has a new sponsor, two brothels named Villa Erotica and Soula's House of History. The houses of prostitution are owned by Madame Soula Alevridou, an avid fan of her local team, based in the city of Larissa.

The squad, located in north central Greece, was cash-strapped after government spending cuts.

Prostitution is legal in Greece and many admire Alevridou's patriotic approach.  

"Here is where it all begins, with amateur sport. It's where the talent is bred, I am a Greek woman and I love my country,” explained the Madame.

Voukefalas is currently mired in a losing streak, so Alevridou is offering incentives to her players. Now, every time the team wins, they are invited to one of her brothels for some "special time."

Why haven't the Raiders thought of this?

Rumors also persist regarding Alex Rodriguez's sudden interesting in joining the Greek franchise.