Chinese Man Dies While Trying To Watch All Of Euro 2012

Jiang Xiaoshan dies  watching  2012 European championshipsJiang Xiaoshan was said to be a huge fan of England and France during the European championships.  Sadly, Xiaoshan died of exhaustion after watching every game of the tournament, which began on June 8. 

Because of the time difference, the games began at midnight and/or 2:30 AM in China. Jiang, 26, went 11 nights without sleep, watching games with friends and then going to work the following morning, after watching soccer all night. 

After the Italy-Ireland match, Jiang went home at 5 AM, took a shower, went to sleep and never woke up.  Doctors reported that alcohol and smoking, as well as sleep deprivation weakened his immune system. 

Xiaoshan's friends said he was in relatively good shape and played soccer at his university.