A Combined United States, Canada, Mexico World Cup?

United States, Canada and Mexico Jointly Bidding To Host 2026 World CupMonday, the United States, Canada and Mexico jointly announced that the three countries are collectively pursuing a bid to host the 2026 Men’s World Cup.  The current plan is for the US to host 60 games, including all matches from the quarterfinal on, with Canada and Mexico each hosting 10 pre-quarterfinal matchups apiece.

The 2026 World Cup will include an expansion of the number of participating countries, with the tournament field jumping from 32 to 48 teams. As a result, the number of total tournament games will grow from 64 to 80.

Jeff Carlisle from ESPN.com offers further information regarding the first of its kind three-nation joint bid.

Back in 2002, the countries of Japan and South Korea partnered in the first ever two-country combined World Cup hosting effort.