Not Used To Using His Hands

Speaking of Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two great Spanish rivals met in the finals of the Copa del Rey (the King's Cup) and Madrid scored a dramatic overtime goal to capture the Spanish national tournament 1-0 in Valencia. The team immediately flew back to the Spanish capital and the all-night celebrations began with players riding around the old city center in an open-air, double-decker bus, saluting its jubilant fans after winning the cup for the first time in eighteen years. Dropping the 33-pound trophy is a topic players often joke about, but this time it really happened.  At a little after four in the morning, while waving the cup for all to see, defender Sergio Ramos dropped the hardware and the team bus ran over it, crushing the trophy. Instead of the cup runneth over, it was merely run over.  Live television recorded the cup in many pieces, but Ramos claimed it was "OK".  Real Madrid said that the cup would be repaired.