The Soccer Game That Just Wouldn't End

Bishop's of La Jolla vs San Diego Crawford two-day soccer gameTwo San Diego-area high schools, Bishop's of La Jolla and San Diego Crawford, played a Division IV playoff game last Tuesday. The two squads tied 3-3 in regulation, so the game went to penalty kicks, with each team making 18 out of 21 shots, before darkness set in.

As a result, the game was postponed until Wednesday with still no winner.   

Finally, on the 49th penalty kick taken during Wednesday's overtime (the 50th penalty kick overall) Bishop scored and Crawford missed on its final attempt to once again tie the game.  

Matt Harris, who scored the final goal of Bishop's La Jolla's two-day shootout victory, said afterwards:  "All of us were so nervous on every kick.  Any kick could have been the end.  All of us were holding our breath."