What A Shock—Another Soccer Riot

2011 Copa AmericaCopa America is the most important soccer tournament in South America and has been filled with upsets as favorites Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and host Argentina were all eliminated in the quarterfinals, leaving four long shots in the semifinals. 

After playing a scoreless draw in one semi, Paraguay defeated Venezuela 5-3 on penalty kicks and predictably a riot broke out. 

Paraguay's victory was marred by fisticuffs between players and team officials and a wild melee broke out on the pitch. It took several minutes for police and security to quell the ugly scene.

Venezuelan coach Cesar Farias told the media later that the Paraguayans made fun of and provoked his squad. 

"We didn't go out there to provoke an incident," said Farias.  "Some of the players and officials from Paraguay came to the game ready to provoke us."  

Paraguay moves on and will try to "provoke" Uruguay in the final on Sunday.