Venum Boxing Glove Review

Quality and reliable boxing gloves play a crucial part in your success. A good pair makes it easy to train, progress, and improve with each session.

Still, finding a quality pair isn’t always as simple. There are many different models on the market meant for various types of athletes and fighting styles.

Venum stands out as one of the best brands when it comes to boxing gloves. Its many models are quite popular with beginners and professionals. One of such models is the Venum Camo boxing glove.

These are unique and attractive thanks to their modern camo design. Still, there’s more to them than just that, since the gloves deliver comfort, durability, and quality well-known for Venum products.

The Camo is among recognized pair in the world of MMA. If what you're looking for are comfortable gloves that can take a beating, you should check out these from Venum.


Why You'll Like These Gloves 

 They're comfortable – right from the first moment you put them on, you’ll see how comfortable they are. They’re well-padded and made of quality materials. This reflects the overall feel the gloves provide.


        They’re supportive – the gloves provide enough wrist support and protection throughout all the critical parts of your hand. The large Velcro and elastic secure your hands tightly in place.


          They’re a good value for money – these aren’t the most affordable or the most expensive on the market. However, for the money, you get decent quality, excellent support, durable materials, and a long-lasting pair of gloves.


Why These Gloves Aren't For You  


Possibly not enough ventilation – some people think that the gloves aren’t as well ventilated as other Venum models. While this largely depends on your environment and needs, the gloves could benefit from a few extra vents.


       Not the best for sparring – these have plenty of padding to protect your hand when you’re training with heavy bags. However, the padding might not be the best to protect your opponent’s face in sparring.


       No other color options – these are called Camo, and unfortunately, there’s no other style or color option available. If you’re not a fan of camo prints, you might not like the gloves.




These are many from 100% Skintex leather, which is a professional boxing-grade material often used by Venum.

They’re designed and developed to protect your hands and support your wrists. As a result, it’s like likely you could cut or otherwise hurt yourself.

It's always essential to choose the right material as it plays a significant role in how the gloves perform. The material it's made with also determines the overall durability of the pair.

The stitching around the gloves is secure and tight, ensuring the leather can deliver its maximum levels of durability and endurance.



This pair is among the most comfortable from the brand. It means you can use them for long-hour training sessions and fights without being sore as much.

Because they’re not as heavy, the gloves are easy to use for hours on end. On top of that, their padding and overall construction allow maximum comfort you’d require for long-hour training.

Since they’re as comfortable, you can use them every day. Their comfort makes them ideal for frequent use, but, because they’re made from durable materials, they won’t show signs of wear and tear as quickly.



For protection, the main thing you should do is to select proper size. Your gloves might not be as impressive if you get a size too big or too small.

These are designed to protect your hands while providing support for your wrists. In other words, there are minimal chances you could hurt or cut yourself in any way.

They have a thick layer of padding made up of three different layers that absorb shock. Once you put them on, you’ll feel the comfort and protection the very first time you use them.



The padding we mentioned is designed with triple-density foam. Its three layers of shock absorption allow versatile use and heavy-duty training.

It’s a durable type of padding that’s going to last a long time. It’s unlike what’s used with lower-quality gloves that wear out quickly. These are meant to serve you without breaking down at stress points such as thumb, wrist, and knuckles.

On top of that, there’s stitching in the padding, so it’s reinforced for added durability and longevity. The great thing is that the gloves don’t feel puffy or heavy even though they’re padded as well.



Venum Camo has some ventilation that might not be as impressive as what we’ve seen with other Venum models.

The gloves are well-padded and made of durable materials that, by nature, aren’t the most breathable option. However, the brand did think about this issue and came up with a solution.

The pair features ventilation mesh from wrist to fingertips. It adds a little to the overall comfort, but it still might not be enough to some people, especially those training for hours on end.




Size has always been among the most critical things to consider. Getting a size that doesn't fit you can result in discomfort that would eventually cause you to stop wearing the gloves.

For this reason, it’s something you should think about carefully. The Camo comes in four different sizes weighing 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. You can choose between these depending on the size of your palm, as well as your fighting style.

The pair has to fit you properly in order to perform in the best way possible. Incorrect sizes can cause injury and discomfort.


Used for what type of combat

These are versatile and suitable for all kinds of fighting styles and combat. In most cases, people use them for training, though it all depends on your preferences and needs.

These are boxing gloves, so you should stick mainly to boxing and Muay Thai. With other fighting sports, the gloves may perform differently.


Final Thoughts 

Venum Camo is an impressive model coming from a reliable and popular brand. These are durable and resilient. They’re meant for heavy-duty use and prolonged and intensive training sessions with heavy bags.

It’s thanks to the padding and reinforced stitching that the gloves are as resistant. Also, the wrist support they offer is reliable as it doesn’t go loose after a while.

Overall, Camo is among the best choices when it comes to boxing gloves. It’s a lightweight model that doesn’t feel puffy or cumbersome even though it features as much padding.

The combination of durable materials, thick padding, and lightness of the gloves allow you to use them in different types of boxing.


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