Where and how to get the best NHL betting promotions

When it comes to sports, the width of the Atlantic Ocean has perhaps never been so thin. Mainly thanks to the internet and the joys of live-streaming, sports fans in the UK now have easy access to all the leading US sports leagues, including the NBA, MLB, NFL and the NHL. The US-Canadian hockey league (or ice hockey as Brits refer to it) of the NHL is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

UK-based sports fans love a punt on sports almost as much as they love watching them, and many of the biggest online sports books in the UK offer NHL betting promotions. Such promotions will make any NHL wagering a little more lucrative, as they allow the funds used for betting to be stretched just a little bit further than they would otherwise. The question though is where is the best place to find NHL betting promotions, and when.

Sadly for NHL fans in the UK, the NHL has not quite taken off in popularity in the same way that the National Football League or the National Basketball Association has. Even the league behind America’s pastime of baseball – MLB – has more fans and viewers in the UK than the NHL.

Partly the reason behind this is that of the four big US sports, the UK’s native version of ice hockey is by far the most watched. There has been a major, professional ice hockey league in one form or another in the UK since 1980, and attendances for the biggest teams such as the Sheffield Steelers frequently number five thousand per match and above. UK ice hockey fans tend to have a favorite UK team, then a favored US team as a secondary support.

Of course making money from betting is what online sports books are all about, so it pays for them to attempt to increase interest in NHL betting, as so to scoop up any punters whom do have an interest on wagering on the North American hockey league. The best times for punters whom are keen to wager on the NHL to look for special deals are at the beginning of the NHL season, and towards the end when the playoffs begin.

For the uninitiated, the regular NHL season begins each year in October and runs all the way through to April. There are fewer games played in mid-January when teams receive a bye week. By April the playoff picture is secured, and sixteen of the thirty NHL teams continue into the post season after completing their punishing 82-game schedule. Playoffs continue throughout May until the start of the Stanley Cup, which is decided by the middle of June at the latest.

It is at these key points in the season that the biggest UK-based sports books – think Ladbrokes, Coral, William Hill and Paddy Power – are most likely to have NHL betting promotions, so its worth reviewing such sites at these strategic points in the NHL season to see if any NHL betting promotions have been made available.