Ric Flair Putting On A Show At A Bar (Video)

Ric Flair is the semi-retired professional wrestling legend, best known of course as the “Nature Boy.” Most of Flair's success came from the mid 1970's through mid 1990's, but amazingly, the 65-year-old still holds huge relevance amongst today's wrestling fan. Among his many accomplishments, Flair is a 16-time world champion and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, though the bulk of his greatness took place with the now defunct NWA/WCW organization.

On August 2, Flair appeared at Big League Brews, in the Detroit suburb of Taylor, Michigan. He was on hand to help celebrate the establishment's “Birthday Bash Summer.”  

Michigan based iFolloSports.com contributor Lance Martinez captured the above original video of Flair mixing it up with the crowd.

Flair talked about being a longtime Detroit Red Wings fan, because of his friendship with the late Bob Probert, as well as Joe Kocur.

Flair also razzed the crowd when claiming “the Dodgers will kick the Tigers ass,” upon LA's upcoming visit to Motown. He further gave it to the fans by insisting that “Cabrera could not hit Kershaw on his best day.”

Even at this point in his life, Flair still very much knows how to entertain the fans and play the role of the heel. It could easily be argued that Flair is the greatest “bad guy” pro wrestling has ever seen.